Went down to the dealer, did the paperwork. Great news as the $1500 factory rebate has now changed to $2000, so that’s $500 more off the price of the car!! Also, I was expecting 2.34% financing as quoted by Bank of America; turns out I’m getting 1.79%!! Also turns out Bank of America is also one of their lenders and they had the best rate for me. Also means I don’t have to mail in payment coupons like I used to do in the past, can pay online or set up automatic payment (the latter not likely for me).

After paperwork I sat in the car with Rob and he ran me through the details plus answered questions I had.

Everything went smoothly today, couldn’t be better unless they told me I was their 1 millionth customer and I was getting it for free…….

As a side note, I found out they are the number two Ford dealer for selling tires in the U.S.  Good to know in case I need some in the future.

When I drove in the lot and saw it parked next to the front door, I was really surprised by my reaction. The car looks better in person, especially the wheels. Light reflections and angles really love this car color. I have to say I was pretty excited, the most since I’ve started this whole process. I’m not used to being excited! Especially since this is a bucket list goal.

I managed to retrieve the window sticker intact, which is nice. At the bottom it says “SPECIAL ORDER”. It was built in Flat Rock, Michigan.

I also got a special sticker. Apparently Ford randomly selects cars for quality control testing and this was one. It certifies that 114 miles on the odometer are by them, not somebody joyriding in it. The car goes through a big checklist. So this ought to be trouble free, and is already part way broken in. I mentioned previously the chip programs the car to limit it to 4000 RPM’s for the first 100 miles, so that’s over with. I was advised that for the first 500-1000 miles not to hit the brakes hard and to avoid puddles to give them a chance to settle properly to avoid squeaking, etc. Also no very high speed runs for 2000-3000 miles until the tires settle. So it’s not likely this car will be fully broken in by the winter, but it could be. Also don’t abuse the engine and transmission for the first 1000 or so miles. I’m fine with all of this, as I want it to break in as well as possible.

We had the car on part of the time during the instruction session today. It sounds so nice.  Me payment day anon Payment day side

Wednesday I drop off the Shelby mufflers after work, they get put on Thursday morning, and I drive it off the lot Thursday afternoon. I really am looking forward to this.

You can click on these pics and you can see them full screen. Click again and you’ll see them actual size.