I picked up the car on August 16, 2013. Looks really great. The Shelby style mufflers sound great, too, just they way I was expecting. The wheels look even better in person than they do in pics or vids. However when they were installed, the pipe ends wound up too close to the inside of the cutouts, only 1/4″ away. They should be 13/16″ on each side.

I talked to the retailer for the mufflers and he said it’s a two man job, one guy to hold the ends while the other tightens the clamps. He also said they’ve got several employees who installed these successfully.

I went to the dealer today and they said they tend to want to pull inward while tightening. I told him what the retailer told me. I have an appointment for the 29th for them to try again at no charge.

Besides looking goofy, I have concerns about sitting in traffic on a hot day with no wind. I don’t need the fascia melting at one side of the cutouts.

In the meantime on Saturday the car goes up on my brother’s lift. I’m spraying the Gibbs protectant on the bottom. It’s thinner than water, and I’m using a hand sprayer with a fan pattern. I don’t want it coming out too fast so I’m using very low pressure, just a few hand pumps at a time. Before spraying I’m blasting the bottom with air from his compressor to clean it. Since picking up the car it’s seen no rain at all, we’ve had a dry spell which is continuing for another week apparently.

Eventually I should have all these details squared away, even if it take until the end of the month.

My first car payment is September 23. Buying the car with no down payment at all would’ve been 4-5%. Out of 50 lenders, my best deal was from Bank of America, which is my bank anyway. They were advertising 2.09%, or for current customers 2.04%. I got 1.79% for 72 months! I was delighted. However I put down so much money that I really should’ve held back a few hundred, I’m really broke now! But I also wanted to keep the monthly payments down and get the best possible interest.

At the time I did a deposit, Ford was offering $1500 for rebates. When the car came in it was $2000, so that was very nice. I paid something over 36k for a 39k car. About 11% off MSRP, and then an additional $2000 off.

I still have the Buick for the winter. I have it on storage insurance now, only about $40 a month, will be the same in the winter for the Mustang.

I have until the 29th to get permanent plates. I should be prorated for just 8 months with my April birthdate. Already confirmed with City Hall.

When in storage, both cars will be run every two weeks for 5 minutes and moved back and forth a minimum of 25 feet. I already filled the Buick tank with high quality fuel and put in the right amount of Sta-Bil to keep the gas fresh. Supposed to be good for up to a year. More important in hot weather, but the Mustang will get it, too, for the winter. Still have a half bottle left.

I have to cover up the Buick windows with white plastic to protect the insides from heat and sun. I have plenty of that material around. When I have enough money again I’m buying a cover similar to the one I got for the Mustang.

As expected, the Mustang tires were set a little too hard for the weather, so I set them to where they belong. These 19″ Pirelli P Zero Nero all season tires are rated to 168 mph. Tire pressure is set for 32 pounds front and rear, though the tire can be inflated to 51! No typo here!

I don’t have the sticky summer tires as I didn’t order the Brembo brake package. I have no need for Brembo brakes, and the car’s suspension would’ve been set up a little harder than it is. I wouldn’t want it any firmer.