Hey, the car just came in today on 8/9/13! I previously was told to expect it a couple of weeks from now. If I remember right, further back on this blog I think originally I said I expected it on 8/9/13! I’ll have to look later to see if I’m right. The plan is that tomorrow morning I do the paperwork, loan, etc. After that the delivery specialist (who originally was my original salesman) will run me through the details of the car, which will be fun. Next Wednesday I’ll drop off my Shelby mufflers. Thursday morning a tech who’s considered the best for the job will install them. Thursday after work I’ll go home, then have my dad drop me off at the dealer, and I’ll drive the car off the lot!

I sure was surprised to see the email today when I got home! A week from now I’ll be driving it. Fortunately the calendar, paydays, bills, etc. worked out alright so it didn’t really make much difference whether I got it in today or 2 weeks from now. In any case I want to put down the max possible. I had some unexpected expenses recently that were pretty steep, but I still have what I hoped and planned for a long time ago for a minimum down payment.

I’m still kinda going, “Wow!”