I was thinking about what you said today about me blogging. I’m back and forth on that. On the one hand, I’m not frightened of keyboards. On the other hand, I wonder if blogging is an activity for vanity or ego. Then on the other hand, what if people are actually entertained by it or look forward to it? Then on the other hand, how deep do I want to go with what’s on my mind? What if I decide to reveal that I like dressing up like Eva Braun and being whipped by a rabbi? What if I reveal that I really like music by The Wiggles?

Hey, here’s an idea! Have two blogs: one made to be interesting and entertaining to people who share my interests, and another on another URL under a pseudonym designed to be incredibly annoying and irritating. I bet I could make money off the latter one.

Seriously, the latter could be successful it was funny to people who are hip. Like me and you. Maybe I could create a character who embodies everything we hate. I’d probably have media giants contacting me wanting me to do a radio show.



If you take the current mode of liberals and conservatives in this particular country, and reduce them to their ultimate distillation or end result of their philosophies, you have this:

Give away everything to everybody who doesn’t have a pot to piss in regardless of whether they’re trying to do the right thing or not, let everyone into the country who wants a better life. Doesn’t matter if the middle class is destroyed, no one thinks long term. Give to others until it more than hurts and accelerate our bankruptcy. Welfare consists of the only government agency available, the Federal Bureau for Magical Thinking. They pass out coupons to reward having more babies and credit cards for getting Wagyu Kobe Filet Mignon meals at 3 star Michelin restaurants. Don’t need minimum wage anymore as everyone makes whatever they make, and if they make something, most of it goes to the Federal Bureau for Magical Thinking anyway. Everyone who actually works is required to work to the age of at least 75. If you SAY you can’t work at all at any age, hey, that’s okay, you can eat nice beef for free and so can your 8 dogs, 25 cats and 6 hamsters. And your 15 kids from 14 “dads”. You are not allowed to vote unless you can prove you have an IQ of less than 75.

Give as much as possible to millionaire gangsters, let everyone into the country for even more cheap labor. Doesn’t matter if middle class is destroyed, no one thinks long term. Using their terminology, shoot all the old people, gimps, retards, fucked up returning soldiers, gays, and immigrants who can’t work. Outlaw all reasons for abortion, legalize rape and incest. Make sure the war machine is running full blast. Welfare consists of a single bullet administered under the nose by the only government agency available, the police. Don’t need minimum wage anymore as everyone makes whatever they make, and if they make something, most of it goes to the millionaire gangsters anyway. Everyone who actually works is required to work to the age of at least 85. If you can’t work that long, see the section about shooting old people/gimps. You are not allowed to vote unless you can prove you have an IQ of less than 55.



I auditioned Herbie Hancock on the way home. I understand why you don’t want it. It’s very good and he knows what he’s doing, but in general, I have to really be in the mood for jazz and only certain types. I think at some time I will listen through it straight through, probably on trips to work. But it probably won’t get listened to more than once.

40 years ago he was slightly more “pop” accessible.

In November my buddy Scott from work (who I mentioned sits a few seats over from me) and I are going to see Chucho Valdes in Boston. I saw Valdes before about 5 years ago, met up with one of my former studio clients who is also a friend of mine. We both really liked it and I know Scott will. Of course I exposed him to Chucho on the Internet first.

Chucho is Cuban jazz primarily and is a pianist. But I really like the way he thinks and plays. He incorporates many elements of music, including classical, into his style that others in his vein would not likely use. He’s dynamic and exciting, but very intelligent and creative, too. Good band with him.

I wasn’t going to go as I’d seen him before, but knew Scott would like seeing him and so that was my excuse. It makes things easier for him as I’m totally used to driving and parking for shows at Berklee in Boston, plus we’re splitting gas and parking. We also have a front row seat which I wouldn’t have normally done, but he was really hot on that idea.

Since I committed to the Mustang I have bought no tix at all except for Chucho and Green Day, and those were some time back. Since then have seen some shows advertised that I might’ve seen, but won’t do it because of the down payment.



I said some time back I was researching metal protectants. I forgot about it for a while, went back to my notes tonight and cleaned up some stuff. Here’s what I have, would like your opinion. I’d suggest looking at the Gibbs and Boeshield links before anything else.
Trying to minimize anything gunky, but want it to last as well. I think that’s the ultimate trade off as far as I can tell, you choose between lasting or gunky. The Gibbs may penetrate and last if you do yearly touchups, will be looking at it more. I like the idea that  it’s dry.

Nice info page:

Probably my number one choice at this time:


Number two choice:


Here for possibly useful future reference, will still be looking at these more for Mustang just in case, at least will look again before purchasing Gibbs or whatever:



Much better than average forum page FOR ADVICE:


Some quotes from this page:

Boeshield works, but the solvent for the paraffin wax stinks. FluidFilm is lanolin-based and doesn’t smell as bad when applied. It seems to not be as waxy as Boeshield.
It seems that Gibbs is not waxy. Boeshield has a paraffin wax base.

The Gibbs stuff looks pretty interesting, especially for long-term use on polished metals or stuff like magnesium. Seems that it dries and doesn’t leave a waxy or greasy film. Seems to me that I’d spray Gibbs everywhere possible, then POR-15 over that for most places that are accessible. If not POR-15, maybe Boeshield, but the POR-15 will last forever. In the sense that WD-40 was made to protect missiles in silos in the ’50’s, Boeshield was developed by Boeing to protect aircraft.

I think regardless of what I wind up choosing, I’ll also have to figure out:

1 – How much it will take to coat the bottom of a car.

2- How often I’ll be doing that (yearly, whatever).

3- If a sprayer will be okay if it comes in a gallon jug. Some of this stuff only comes in 12 oz spray cans (Boeshield if my memory is right).

Once I pick something, then I have to contact them with my questions.

Of course, I can’t think of the surface area on the bottom of a car as flat! I have to approximate what the actual accessible area is! All those dips and folds and protrusions, etc.


A friend writes:

I truly hope all goes well ……………..you will need to take me out for a ride.
Absolutely, no problem taking you out for a ride!

Factory programmed break in is for the first 100 miles (won’t go over 4000 RPM’s). I’ll make a point to get past 100 miles pretty quick. Then I’ll do the right thing to make sure the engine is broken in properly. That means variable loads for 1000 miles. Probably will go on long cruises on Rte 132 north using regular gas. But after the 100 mile mark I’ll be giving rides.

This is not a done deal, but looks like I can swing it as long as something stupid does not happen financially before January. I’m trying not to get too excited about the car before I own one. But lately it’s becoming difficult.


If things go well I’ll have this by next April. Click on the link or copy and paste:


Sometimes this may take 20 seconds to open.

These are the likeliest options for me at this time. You can also click on the upper tabs to see other parts of the build. Within that on the right side you can hover over the options, then “Details” will pop up so you can click on those.
Build Your 2013 Ford Mustang

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