From my dealer:

Your Mustang has been ordered and the VIN# isĀ  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and it is scheduled to be built on 7/29 and due to be at the dealership between 8/17-8/24.

I also found a hand pump sprayer for applying the Gibbs protectant on the bottom of the car. It will come out slow in a decent fan pattern so I’m not wasting the gallon. A few pumps of the handle and the pressure lasts a decent time before I have to pump it again.

I ordered the gallon about a week ago. The dealer has to get some from the manufacturer first.



Got them a week or so ago, one had a bent tip as the packing wasn’t so great. Late Model Restoration was really great with their customer service. I got the bad one on a Friday, sent them email, Monday they sent replacements before I even had a chance to talk on the phone. They arranged for UPS to pick up the bad box Tuesday (they actually came Monday since I didn’t know they were coming). I had the replacements last Friday in good shape. Per my request they protected the tips with bubble wrap instead of stiff thick cardboard tubes that were a bit too short.

Altogether a perfect customer service experience, couldn’t be any better from this Texas company. The guy on the phone sure had a heavy Southern accent!

All that’s left is labor cost when the car comes in and I have the dealer install them.

Now on to figuring out the best way to spray Gibbs protectant on the bottom of the car. Maybe a hand pump bug sprayer. There’s one around here somewhere I can test to see if the spray pattern is right. Once I figure that out I’ll order a gallon of the stuff.