I’m Chuck and this blog will start with my quest to buy a 420 hp Mustang (which was fulfilled). Later on I’ll write about music and a few other things. I live in salty, car unfriendly New England and work at a hospital. I’ve worked day gigs for the past 12 years, but in a previous life was a full time musician and then a music recording engineer. Currently there’s a heavy focus on the Mustang but you’ll see other topics from time to time.There WILL be more music posts. Don’t ever expect to see me on Facebook, it’s not happening. If you don’t know why, well….. I guess I better leave that one alone……

Recently as of April 2014, interest for my blog has picked up a lot for some reason, much more than expected. I will try to fulfill expectations by posting more consistently. There will be more topics beyond the Mustang as well, you’ve seen the categories on the right, and they will be fleshed out more.

Thank you for your feedback through WordPress; it’s heartening. I have a lot yet to learn about blogging, please bear with me.

I have been checking out the blogs by those of you who have responded to my posts. At this time I have found ALL of them really good. It makes me feel like I belong to a world of hip people, in the very best sense of that term. As is true for all of us, I have no time to read everything, but I’m enjoying reading parts of your blogs from all over the world from English speaking people. It elevates me and makes me more alive, that’s for sure!

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