Last week I picked up the all season NOAH style car cover at the dealer. This was an option for the Mustang as part of my order. All set with that, and it’s sitting on top of the Shelby mufflers in the garage. My salesman said that now on every Monday he can monitor where my car is at. Currently the arrival is still the same, August 17-24.

I ordered my Gibbs protectant some time back and still haven’t seen it. I spoke to the retailer today and he said he had to arrange for a drop ship from the manufacturer, which I expected as normally they only carry the spray cans. I’m getting a gallon bottle. He said the manufacture is small and usually very reliable, but the owner is on dialysis and there are difficulties getting through. I said I understood, he said he’d try calling the guy again today. I’ll be patient, but I hope I have it by the time I’m driving the car out of the dealer’s lot so I can get it to my brother’s and get it on the lift to spray it while the bottom is still really clean.