I was thinking about what you said today about me blogging. I’m back and forth on that. On the one hand, I’m not frightened of keyboards. On the other hand, I wonder if blogging is an activity for vanity or ego. Then on the other hand, what if people are actually entertained by it or look forward to it? Then on the other hand, how deep do I want to go with what’s on my mind? What if I decide to reveal that I like dressing up like Eva Braun and being whipped by a rabbi? What if I reveal that I really like music by The Wiggles?

Hey, here’s an idea! Have two blogs: one made to be interesting and entertaining to people who share my interests, and another on another URL under a pseudonym designed to be incredibly annoying and irritating. I bet I could make money off the latter one.

Seriously, the latter could be successful it was funny to people who are hip. Like me and you. Maybe I could create a character who embodies everything we hate. I’d probably have media giants contacting me wanting me to do a radio show.