I auditioned Herbie Hancock on the way home. I understand why you don’t want it. It’s very good and he knows what he’s doing, but in general, I have to really be in the mood for jazz and only certain types. I think at some time I will listen through it straight through, probably on trips to work. But it probably won’t get listened to more than once.

40 years ago he was slightly more “pop” accessible.

In November my buddy Scott from work (who I mentioned sits a few seats over from me) and I are going to see Chucho Valdes in Boston. I saw Valdes before about 5 years ago, met up with one of my former studio clients who is also a friend of mine. We both really liked it and I know Scott will. Of course I exposed him to Chucho on the Internet first.

Chucho is Cuban jazz primarily and is a pianist. But I really like the way he thinks and plays. He incorporates many elements of music, including classical, into his style that others in his vein would not likely use. He’s dynamic and exciting, but very intelligent and creative, too. Good band with him.

I wasn’t going to go as I’d seen him before, but knew Scott would like seeing him and so that was my excuse. It makes things easier for him as I’m totally used to driving and parking for shows at Berklee in Boston, plus we’re splitting gas and parking. We also have a front row seat which I wouldn’t have normally done, but he was really hot on that idea.

Since I committed to the Mustang I have bought no tix at all except for Chucho and Green Day, and those were some time back. Since then have seen some shows advertised that I might’ve seen, but won’t do it because of the down payment.