I said some time back I was researching metal protectants. I forgot about it for a while, went back to my notes tonight and cleaned up some stuff. Here’s what I have, would like your opinion. I’d suggest looking at the Gibbs and Boeshield links before anything else.
Trying to minimize anything gunky, but want it to last as well. I think that’s the ultimate trade off as far as I can tell, you choose between lasting or gunky. The Gibbs may penetrate and last if you do yearly touchups, will be looking at it more. I like the idea that  it’s dry.

Nice info page:

Probably my number one choice at this time:

Number two choice:

Here for possibly useful future reference, will still be looking at these more for Mustang just in case, at least will look again before purchasing Gibbs or whatever:

Much better than average forum page FOR ADVICE:

Some quotes from this page:

Boeshield works, but the solvent for the paraffin wax stinks. FluidFilm is lanolin-based and doesn’t smell as bad when applied. It seems to not be as waxy as Boeshield.
It seems that Gibbs is not waxy. Boeshield has a paraffin wax base.

The Gibbs stuff looks pretty interesting, especially for long-term use on polished metals or stuff like magnesium. Seems that it dries and doesn’t leave a waxy or greasy film. Seems to me that I’d spray Gibbs everywhere possible, then POR-15 over that for most places that are accessible. If not POR-15, maybe Boeshield, but the POR-15 will last forever. In the sense that WD-40 was made to protect missiles in silos in the ’50’s, Boeshield was developed by Boeing to protect aircraft.

I think regardless of what I wind up choosing, I’ll also have to figure out:

1 – How much it will take to coat the bottom of a car.

2- How often I’ll be doing that (yearly, whatever).

3- If a sprayer will be okay if it comes in a gallon jug. Some of this stuff only comes in 12 oz spray cans (Boeshield if my memory is right).

Once I pick something, then I have to contact them with my questions.

Of course, I can’t think of the surface area on the bottom of a car as flat! I have to approximate what the actual accessible area is! All those dips and folds and protrusions, etc.



A friend writes:

I truly hope all goes well …………… will need to take me out for a ride.
Absolutely, no problem taking you out for a ride!

Factory programmed break in is for the first 100 miles (won’t go over 4000 RPM’s). I’ll make a point to get past 100 miles pretty quick. Then I’ll do the right thing to make sure the engine is broken in properly. That means variable loads for 1000 miles. Probably will go on long cruises on Rte 132 north using regular gas. But after the 100 mile mark I’ll be giving rides.

This is not a done deal, but looks like I can swing it as long as something stupid does not happen financially before January. I’m trying not to get too excited about the car before I own one. But lately it’s becoming difficult.


If things go well I’ll have this by next April. Click on the link or copy and paste:

Sometimes this may take 20 seconds to open.

These are the likeliest options for me at this time. You can also click on the upper tabs to see other parts of the build. Within that on the right side you can hover over the options, then “Details” will pop up so you can click on those.
Build Your 2013 Ford Mustang



I downloaded the form for converting ET to cash. One of the four stipulations is that you can’t convert 80 hours. Okay, that still leaves me with 50 to use. Two of the stipulations were okay for me. Then the fourth stipulation is that you have to declare your intent the calendar year BEFORE! Which means I could do this if I had declared my intent back in 2011.

However there are two payment periods per year, July and December. Which means if I declared this year by December, I could have money the first week of July 2013. This does me absolutely no good for getting the Mustang, but I’ll just consider it in case I need some kind of cushion which may or may not come in handy by that time. I got a month to think about it.

My boss came by my desk and was talking to me about the Mustang, and was surprised to learn about the ET conversion and didn’t know about these details, but she’s only been here a year anyway. I gave her a copy of the form to peruse. She half apologized for giving me the suggestion, but of course I told her it had nothing to do with her as neither of us knew those details.

Funny thing, there are 3 women here who are pretty jazzed about the Mustang, and two for sure want to go for a ride, likely all 3. My male buddies are supportive, but aren’t as demonstrative as the females. Of course I’ll give any of them rides, as once I have it I’m sure some will want to check it out.

I have to admit as time goes on here I’m starting to get jazzed about it, as much as I’m trying not to. I think I’m pretty confident about pulling it off as at least the stripped version, though I’m still shooting for the optioned version.

I downloaded the owner’s manual, 437 pages. I’m a two thirds of the way through it.

The manual is so big because it has a lot of legalese boiler plate to protect them from idiots, often inside gray boxes. You know, the stuff like:

  1. Do not haul a U-Haul trailer full of concrete sacks up Pike’s Peak.
  2. Do not put it in neutral and relax with a jug of moonshine on the way down.
  3. Do not piss in the fuel filler pipe if you run out of fuel, thinking that it will work as well as gas after drinking moonshine.
  4. Do not let your 8 year old thumb 25 miles to the nearest gas station to fill a jug with gas after you realize pissing in the tank won’t work.
  5. Do not let your 8 year old reprogram the car’s computer.
  6. Do not put your 8 year old on your lap to use as an air bag. Do not entice them to sit on your lap by letting them steer the car.
  7. Do not let your kids play under the car after having them jack it up to change a tire.
  8. Do not refuse to use the seat belts because your tits might get squashed. That includes guys with man tits.
  9. Do not let your dog drive the car so you can make a cool YouTube video.
  10. Do not tie Grandma to the roof of the car, aim a GoPro camera at her face, and run at 150 mph to make another cool YouTube video.



My boss found out about my plans for the Mustang. She suggested I convert my earned time into cash. About every November we get that opportunity. I thanked her for the great idea, didn’t occur to me.

The money would just sit in my savings for a down payment. If I was ever out sick I’d still have the money to use just like I would normally to pay bills.

If I took all of it, it would be about $1400 after taxes. Between the time I take it out and when I actually transact money for the car, I’d build up another 4 to 6 days worth of ET, which isn’t a lot, but would be something.

Essentially I get a day off for every 2 weeks I work. The only bad part is by the time I pay for the car, I would only have about 5 days of ET. My goal all along would be to have a month’s worth to cover bills. Right now it’s at 3.25 week’s worth.

I have to hold some money back when I buy the car so I can cover registration, etc. Probably I’d hold back enough to cover being out of work a week beyond whatever I have accrued at that time.

Anyway, that money will be helpful to some degree.

I sent her the “Alcatraz” clip of the car in action. Turns out she watches the show and actually saw that episode!


 A friend wrote:

 You are not buying an album until you get a car?

For the next 6 months or whatever:

No new concert tickets.

No Panera bread, no eggs on Saturday.

No software, Newegg, Amazon, Kindle. I delete the nearly daily Newegg emails as they come in without opening them.

I eat in the Karner cafe about every other Tuesday when they do a special meal. This is separate from the cafeteria, which I haven’t been to in about 4 months.

New calculations about once a month for the car and for the budget.

Currently planning how to rust proof the car, which is not undercoating, which I’m not doing as it’s more harm than good.

Know for a fact I can’t keep the Buick, gotta trade it in. Or at least a 95% probability of that.

Hoping like hell Ford goes as late as possible for the last month of manufacture of the 2013’s in the year 2013, which will be between January and April as best as my salesman and I can tell.

Hoping I can order as late as February, and March would be wonderful. More time = bigger down payment.

I’m really only buying my green tea and nutritional supplements beyond food basics.

There’s a 20% chance my brother will buy my Buick, depending on what’s happening with one of his cars later this year. If so, that would be an extra $1000 for me towards a down payment beyond what I’d get for a trade in. He already drove it and we put it up on his lift. Car is in really good shape.