A friend wrote:

 You are not buying an album until you get a car?

For the next 6 months or whatever:

No new concert tickets.

No Panera bread, no eggs on Saturday.

No software, Newegg, Amazon, Kindle. I delete the nearly daily Newegg emails as they come in without opening them.

I eat in the Karner cafe about every other Tuesday when they do a special meal. This is separate from the cafeteria, which I haven’t been to in about 4 months.

New calculations about once a month for the car and for the budget.

Currently planning how to rust proof the car, which is not undercoating, which I’m not doing as it’s more harm than good.

Know for a fact I can’t keep the Buick, gotta trade it in. Or at least a 95% probability of that.

Hoping like hell Ford goes as late as possible for the last month of manufacture of the 2013’s in the year 2013, which will be between January and April as best as my salesman and I can tell.

Hoping I can order as late as February, and March would be wonderful. More time = bigger down payment.

I’m really only buying my green tea and nutritional supplements beyond food basics.

There’s a 20% chance my brother will buy my Buick, depending on what’s happening with one of his cars later this year. If so, that would be an extra $1000 for me towards a down payment beyond what I’d get for a trade in. He already drove it and we put it up on his lift. Car is in really good shape.