Gas mileage right now on extended flat road with auto transmission, mostly with cruise control:

74 mph: 24.35 mpg
65 mph: 27.1 mpg
40 mph: 31.1 mpg

Manufacturer rating for highway is 25 mpg, so I’m happy with those numbers.

This car idles remarkably low at about 700 rpm, will run in 6th or any gear at 1050 rpm. Keep in mind it redlines at 7000.

Transmission is rumored to be good for 800 pounds of torque, though draggers seem to rebuild them if they’re gonna run more than 600.

I figure if I ever upgrade the cold air intake and add a Bama tune to get it to 468 hp, I don’t have to worry about the transmission, as I don’t beat it all the time. Personally, I wouldn’t run the tranny more than 500 pounds. I doubt I’d ever be more than about 430 pounds at 468 hp.

I’d love to get a kit to lower the car 1.5″, but here in New England (New Hampshire) that’s maybe a bad idea, even though I don’t run it in the salt on frost heaves.

I commented previously about my gripe about only having bass and treble controls for the sound system. But if I didn’t say it before, it will crank louder than I can stand it without distorting or running out of power or flattening the speakers. First system ever I’ve had from a factory that will do that.