I’ve not said a lot about the Shaker sound system. I did not get the option that adds a subwoofer and another amp, not worth $1300 to me.

The system has good enough bass for me, and the treble is clear. It’s as loud as I’d ever want it even at highway speeds, and it remains clear and unstrained.

What’s my peeve?

As with many cars, the 2005 Buick LeSabre I drive in the winter has Bass, Mid and Treble controls. The Mustang has only Bass and Treble! What’s up with that?!

Adding frequency bands is just adding some more algorithms, not a big deal! What could it possibly cost? Not much at all.

If they thought having more control would be “too confusing” for “average users”, they could’ve left it that way and then added a submenu or option to have a 5 or 9 band EQ. Not hard. Look at what Windows Media Player has for EQ options, TEN BANDS!

For a car, just optimize the frequency choices to allow for road noise. Bundle a bunch of frequencies close together for that spectrum, and you’d have plenty left over to refine upper mids, bass and treble.

At highway speeds, I want to adjust EQ to boost the frequencies that get masked by road and wind noise, that’s all. Not too much to ask.

If they think users are going to overboost, like some idiots do with turning up bass and treble all the way, to save the amp and speakers just add peak limiters as part of those algorithms. Nowadays, very easy and cheap.

They go to all the trouble of installing 8 speakers and 8 amps, which is the expensive part, but don’t do more than bass and treble for EQ. That’s screwy. I suspect even if I had ordered the extra sub and amp for $1300, I bet it still is just bass and treble. I’m sure if it was more than two bands, they’d mention that in the options literature.

When you have a lot of road noise, what you hear is mostly bass and treble. Cutting those back to allow the mids through doesn’t work well, as you get a lot of upper mid frequencies that aren’t part of the road noise spectrum.

Other than this peeve, I still really love the car. Hard to beat 430 hp and I get compliments from people quite often about the overall look, including the Deep Impact Blue color, and the optional wheels I got when I ordered the car.