I haven’t written anything for a long time. The Mustang is still doing great. After salt season I put it on the road about 2 weeks ago. A few days back I thought I’d try the track apps and do a 0-60 run. I had a poor location and had a bad time concentrating due to looking hard for traffic showing up in my area.
The car reputedly does it in 4.5 seconds, and some feel the automatic could be the same or more like 4.7 seconds. I got in one run at 4.9 and the rest were 5.0. I think I could get it down to 4.7 but might never make 4.5. There’s that big issue of avoiding wheel slip when first taking off. I did okay, but could be better. I certainly wasn’t burning rubber, never want to do that. I think my goal is 4.6.
Expectations for the quarter mile would be about 111 mph in 13 seconds. I think 110 at 13.5 might be possible if I can ever find the time to arrange that.  I know a good spot (on a private road course, of course), and I have to make the arrangements.