We know what it really looks like now. All indications are that overall, it’s a better car than mine. Lighter with an independent rear suspension, nicer interior, probably a little better aerodynamics. No one will have all the facts until they’re finally released late 2014.

But the really big news that tends to be overlooked is this:

The car is going to be sold worldwide (used to be just the States). If that means their production jumps four fold, then maybe that will create some economies so that they can sell it for $1000 less than otherwise. I dunno.

I think the car looks fine. Of course it polarized people. I think they did the best possible job maintaining the Mustang identity plus updating it for modern times. I also think it likely that it looks better in person than in vids or pics.

About the same length and wheelbase, slightly lower and wider. Will still have the same V-6 and V-8, plus will have a turbo V-6 for just the foreign markets, or maybe here, too, eventually.

I think my car is the best example of maintaining the retro look, which was pretty important to me.

Do I wish I had the 2015 instead of the 2014? No. I would like driving the 2015 better, but like the look of the 2014 better. But I still think the 2015 looks really fine. Of course I have no idea how the 2015 feels compared to the 2014. I don’t know if it’s stiffer or less comfortable, I don’t know if the seats are better or worse, etc.

I think that since the 2014 was a financial stretch for me, the 2015 would’ve been too much for me unless I got a stripped one. With all the new changes, it seems to me like the car has to be $2000-4000 more than my car.

Will I test drive the 2015? Nah. If I like it better, then it would be as if I was test driving any car I can’t afford. Might as well test drive a Rolls Royce Wraith, which is just about as fast anyway, and I’ll never own.