I was on the lookout as it’s very rare to have Recaro’s at Grappone. Kept seeing how people said they were not only supportive but comfortable. My test drives were the regular cloth 4 way manual seats. Today I sat in the leather 6 way heated power seats, then the Recaro as they got a Shelby in yesterday.

6 way were nicer than the 4 way manual cloth. Acceptable comfort, won’t be a problem. Good support. Up, down, forward, back, bottom tilt, inflatable lumbar. Lumbar not as radical as my Buick, but felt good to me at full inflation.

The Recaro was even more supportive, side bolster more obvious, seat bottom sides a tad more. Wouldn’t be good for a fatty. Padding was comfortable to about the same extent as the 6 way, but in a slightly different way. Foam was slightly different density. I can’t say the one foam was better than the other. If anything, maybe the 6 way foam was a tad nicer. I told the salesman I have a bony ass and the bottom padding is important.

So the padding was a wash, both good.

As I already knew, the Recaro’s are manual 4 way. The seat bottom tilt is not adjustable, but the angle was okay. You raise the seat straight up or down by pumping one handle up or down. Of course another lever for forward and backward. They don’t have heat like can be had on the 6 way.

So at this point, the extra $1600 to lose heat and extra adjustment weren’t worth it to me personally unless I was going to be flogging it on back roads 90% of the time.

Now, even if I was going to flog it on back roads all the time, I still wouldn’t get it. Why? I didn’t like the head rest which is built into the seat as one entire structure. Good for racing but it keeps my head just a little too forward.

The tilt of the seat back is crucial in a Mustang as the steering wheel has tilt but no telescope, and they have the steering wheel about an inch too far forward. Therefore I can’t have the seat tilted back as much as I’ve had in some other cars, though I can be perfectly comfortable with the tilt. With the seat tilted about right, that headrest was bothering me. So I’m gonna save $1600 and have more adjustable seats with heat. I still hope to keep the Buick but I may wind up driving it in the winter, who knows.