When I went in to check the Shelby Recaro seats, I was told by salesman Scott that my regular salesman Rob had a new job as a Delivery Specialist. The guy had a reputation for knowing everything about all the models (Ford and Mazda) and everyone was going to him for answers anyway. That was one of the reasons I liked him as a salesman.

So now he doesn’t do sales. While I was waiting for Scott to get the Shelby keys, Rob came through the door and by Scott’s desk. I talked to him and it’s clear he likes his new gig. I told him my concerns about him getting a square deal since he spent so much time with me before. He said he was cool with all that and only cared I stayed with Grappone to do my deal. He also said he was trying to get more info from Ford about their plans for the current model year and they’re wishy washy, but I should be okay for ordering early or mid June. Scott later told me he has another customer doing the same thing as me who will be also ordering around the same time.

My bank will probably be able to do a loan between 2 and 4% depending on my credit rating. If I switch to a credit union I may be able to do 1.5% better. I’ll have to figure later how much money that represents. My credit rating is pretty good right now, though I’ve had it 15 points higher a few years ago where almost all 3 agencies had me over 800. Experian and all those others are goofy, though. I just had two go up 10 points and one went down 2 points! First time I’ve ever seen that.

I’ve figured out that I COULD keep the Buick for winter driving after factoring in losing part of a down payment and paying extra for insurance. It’s just a matter of whether it would leave me with enough financial headroom. I’ll wait on that decision until June when I see what I’ll really have for a loan interest rate and what I’ll have saved up. Trading in the Buick would save me about $85 a month over 72 months, not counting at least $45 a month extra for storage insurance and $85 extra for the fact that the Mustang driving insurance will be double the Buick’s. In other words, trading in the Buick would be as if I wasn’t paying any extra for insurance compared to now (at least for 72 months), and I’d never have to pay for storage insurance for the coverage that was off season and off road. But I’d have to get a $400 cover as part of the options and also spend $1700 for snow tires and rims. All that would work out to $30 a month.

The most likely thing now is that I try to keep the Buick and if it doesn’t work out, sell it privately in a year or three years. I’d really like to keep the Mustang salt free in spite of putting special chemicals on the bottom.

Registration the first year will be $700, insurance about $170 a month. Off season insurance $45 a month for any second car kept. I figure my salt season will be November 20 to April 10, give or take a few weeks.