A friend was asking how I deal with will power issues to save money. I was telling her:

The difference is, you may actually go to Amazon and spend money (like I’d likely normally would), and this time I won’t, as everything to me now represents an option on the Mustang I can or cannot have depending on my will power.

For example, by cutting way back on eating at the cafeteria, I can save $60 a month equaling a total of about $360. Getting Remote start on the car is $345 plus interest, so eating more cashews for lunch means not having to go out in the snow to pre-warm the car in the morning.

I also delete certain emails without looking at them to save money!

I also printed up an Excel sheet for logging every stinking penny I spend for everything, with columns for categories of purchases. I total it up monthly and look to do better than the previous month. The very first month almost doesn’t count as I spent $478 for a special music software offer (saved $180), but no more of those. But I can compare everything else on the list. In about 2 weeks I’ll have a fairly good idea how I’m doing, and will have a firm expectation of what I can really save monthly in about 6 weeks.

My goal is to have $3600 saved up by the end of January. Out of that, $680 will be for Concord registration. So it would really be only $2900 plus my trade in, which would probably be about $5500, possibly a thousand more.

I started saving about 5 weeks ago and so far I have $587. So that puts my on track to have $2935 up by mid January. I think I can do better than that at $750 a month, which would be $3750.

Also, by mid December I will no longer have to pay my Buick payment and Newegg payment, so together those represent $376 a month. Any months beyond that I can save that amount, too.

My salesman is gonna let me know when the cutoff is for factory ordering a car. We think about February give or take a month. The further out we can go, the better off I am.

Really weird how most 2013 Ford cars come out about now and Mustangs are a half year earlier.