What is an electronic rust killer?

You place two anodes near the A pillars on a car in the engine bay, near the firewall and windshield. Very long vehicles like big pickup trucks near the rear of the bed, two more. They are attached by wires to a control unit that’s mounted near the battery. The system puts a negative charge over the surface of the entire vehicle forcing positive electrons (I think, can’t remember) off the surface of the car. In reality some may scavenge to tiny nooks and crannies under the vehicle, but at least that’s where metal is very thick on the frame.

The end result is the surface of the car has rusting that’s severely retarded. It’s like the time frame for rust slows down by a factor of 20 or maybe 50! I know for a fact it works. My brother Eric had it on a pickup truck as well. We bought some of the very last ones about 15 or so years ago. The company went out of business because they got sued by someone who claimed it didn’t work. Ours most certainly did!

All over the Internet you see people (erstwhile authorities and scientists) saying this cannot work. But done right, it does work and my brother and I have both had them and know what a difference they made.

So I want to keep mine forever. I didn’t bother installing it on the last two cars, but the Mustang will have it once I figure out the right dielectric pads to use.