I told my brother I was considering having nicer sounding mufflers on the car.

He wrote:
Have you checked into the different Flowmaster mufflers? They make different series depending on what type of sound you want.

At this point I’ve spent an incredible amount of time listening to a lot of brands.

Apart from the Bassani a lot of these tend to be snarly and loud, not really what I’m looking for. Plus I’d have to pay out of pocket for anything other than Ford Racing, as I’m pretty sure I can get that from Grappone and make it part of the loan. That way it’d be only $6 a month. I do like the sound of the Shelby equivalent mufflers.

I don’t like the popping, nasal sound. A lot of people like a raw sound like a drag car, I like a full sound like a larger block. The stock mufflers are kind of thin in a way, especially during acceleration. Smooth, but thin. The Shelby’s are smooth and robust.

The reason a lot of modern cars tend towards raspiness is that the muffler is at the rear of the car instead of being in the middle of the car with a long pipe after it.

I’d mentioned possibly buying a beat up Subaru for $2000 for the winter in place of snow tires and wheels.

He said:
I was going to say, if you going to get a second car for the winter, you may as well keep the Buick. I know it means saving up more but at least you know the history of the car.

If I can pull off NOT trading in the Buick, definitely.