Ford says the average Mustang buyer is 51, so that’s part of why they’re changing it to get the demographic younger. Odd considering all the YouTube videos are by guys who are less than 35 years old, except for a few in their late 50’s.

What I said about 4 doors for the Mustang of the future is that it’s gonna be 2 doors, but will be designed do they can do 4 doors later if they want to.

All the prospective renders of the 2015 tend to be similar now to the extent that you can at least see where they’d like to go with it. However renders of the 2014 tend to look pretty wrong considering the actual photo of the rear of a car I saw. The rear of the car I saw kinda looked like it could be a bit smaller than the 2013, but hard to tell.

I’ve downloaded the 474 page owner’s manual and I’m about 60% of the way through it. I have some questions about the car but will wait until I finish reading the manual as those questions might get answered there.