I’m all done with studio gear with the exception of maybe down the road in a year or so:

One microphone (not too likely but possible, about $500-700). I don’t actually need it.

Upgrading the already very excellent converters in the RME interface to state of the art for $750 (maybe within 2 years)

Within 3 years a 12 string bass guitar.

I have all the other acoustic, electric and bass guitars I want. Any other axes would be 5 years out.

After a year, about 200 a year for music software during Xmas time during specials, except for this coming Xmas while I’m super pinching pennies.

Technically I’m insane for wanting the Mustang. However it’s a once in a lifetime chance for something special, and I know for a fact that I’d kick myself in the ass forever if I don’t at least try to get it. Plus it gets rid of my jones for a 1968 442 as it’s a much better car with 90 more hp and better everything except for personal nostalgia.

If something too difficult happens during the wheeling and dealing for terms and whatever I have up for a down payment or trade in, then I can drop the price $6000 by getting a stripped Mustang, but still with the shiftable automatic.

By the way, if I didn’t already say it, I would get the wheels you saw as part of the car package. I would then get the standard plain Jane wheels for winter with likely Bridgestone Blizzaks, though there are maybe two other winter tires under consideration. There are no studded or even studdable tires from any brand available for that car, which is disappointing, but I can live with that.