My brother is considering buying my Buick. I told him:

I’d be trading it in when taking delivery on the Mustang, which would be February to April best guess. As I said, later means easier winter driving until the following winter to give me time to pony up for winter tires. Driving that car in a blizzard with the standard pontoon tires and rear wheel drive would be a trip even if only going to work! Of course I could do it, just not nearly as easy as with the right tires, or using front wheel drive with one of the heaviest front wheel drive cars ever made (my Buick and my previous Olds, which are actually the same car, really). What I’d really like to do is get winter tires and wheels from Grappone from the start to make it part of my car loan! In which case an earlier purchase might be feasible for winter driving, yet the money part of it would be better the later I waited.