2013 is the last year of the Mustang as we like to remember it.

I like the 2014 okay, but not as much. The 2015 seems pretty nice, but not the same as the 2013. So since I’m kinda hooked into that retro style, it’s 2013, which means I have to order a stripped automatic by about February give or take a month, according to my salesman. After that will only be 2014’s.

The 2015 is following the Ford “Evo” design trend and the 2014 is a bridge between that and the 2013. Of course the 2013 is a more muscular version of the 2012.

I’ve seen a secret photo of the rear of the 2014, doesn’t remind you an awful lot of a Mustang. All the rest for the 2014 and 2015 are artist sketches. You can pretty much figure out the trend.

The 2014 will be a little smaller than the 2013. The trend for the next 10 years appears to be making it more mainstream and less of a niche car. At some point it will be offered as both a 2 and 4 door. Kind of weird to think of a Mustang with 4 doors! But then again the Mustang II was totally bizarre, and the Fox body Mustang never really did much for me, either. It’s only the early ones from around the Bullitt era, the early Shelbys, or the ones from the past few years I like the looks of.